Friday, November 20, 2009

Man oh Man. The past few weeks have been crazy. So long time no talk eh?
So a few friends and I decided to go down and visit some friends in Santa Cruz. So Randi and I drove down to Santa Cruz. But on the way we stopped in Davis, my old stomping grounds, and spent the night in Sausalito. We were supposed to stay on a sail boat and go kayaking in the morning... but that failed cause we got there to late.. yadiyadiyada, but how sweet would that have been?

But to the point... We got to Santa Cruz the day before Halloween in the afternoon. Basically right after I got there we went to the beach. It was sweet, it was starting to get cold in Quincy, and there we were a sunny day on a nice beach. Anywho, we all went down to the water and started splashing around and skimboarding. I basically try everything that is offered to me... so you know why not skimboarding right? So first time, fell straight on my butt and tailbone. ouch right? Second time fell on my wrist really bad so I decided that was it. Then Graham and Jared said "April it's your time to shine!" and I was like "nah I'm good. I dont really want to. Then they said "just oneee more time." So then I was like fine why not. So I throw the skimboard, start running, jump on the board, start going really fast. So I am going really fast, and I start getting scared and loosing my balance. I fall/jump off the board and I land on my left leg and I dont even know how to explain it, but I hear two cracks. And ow ow ow ow ow. I am sitting in salt water up to my chest with sand all over me, and grabbing my leg cause something doesn't feel right. My friends run over to me and carry me over to a dry spot. Then carry me up a couple flights of stairs, and drive me to urgent care. After waiting what seemed like forever, I got x-rays. Found out I broke my Tibia and fibula. My first question was when can I snowboard...

So I wish I could upload the x rays. But basically at your ankle, on each side are two bumps. The inside bump is the end of your Tibia. A chunk of that broke completely off. And the Fibula, the skinny broke spiraling up. In the x rays you can see the crack line following up my bone. CRAZY. So the next day in the morning,(on Halloween) I met a surgeon who told me about the surgery I needed. In the afternoon that day, I had surgery to put a three inch screw in my tibia to attach that floating piece, and six screws as well as a plate in my fibula. I spent Halloween night in the hospital all by my lonesome, but I was on pain killers so I guess it was okay right? hah. So I can't upload the before pictures, but I can upload after the surgery pictures. They are so cool.
Then about a week and a half later, I saw my follow doctor. He took out my staples on both sides, and then put on a cast. Check this gnarly picture out. This was on both sides:

So a couple weeks of that, and then a boot, and in no time I will be walking the walk and talking the talk. I mean there's no way getting around that this sucks, and messes a lot of things up, but in a lot of ways this has been a good experience. Everyone has been telling me to stay positive. Rick told me to circle the 42nd day after my injury, and that would be the day that I would break a big threshold. So that is December 11th, so i'll keep ya posted!

Anyways, this whole thing could have been a lot worse, It could have been my right foot, so then I couldn't drive. Or I could have torn tendons, or a lot worse. I'm lucky that this it was a pretty straight-forward break, and that I have friends who visit me, and a crazy awesome mom that has been not only taking care of me, but my brother who also just had a surgery. Anyways. This is long, I always write too much. But there is always more to write, and I have more free time, now that I cant move too much. ha. Happy Trails.


Picture Slideshow

This is just a slideshow of some pictures from some recent trips. Some are in my blogs, but most of them are not. So... Enjoy!